Veterans Day Prayer


Almighty God, I give you thanks for veterans. I give thanks that there are men and women willing to leave families, farms, and factories to sacrifice for a nation. They demonstrate right with blood, sweat, and tears.

The Bible shows warriors like Gideon and David who were unsure of your calling, but stepped forward in faith to protect others in danger.  We still have warriors like this today. People who will step forward in uncertain times to protect the ones they love and a nation they cherish so deeply.

For these men and women, I give you thanks. Bless their efforts when in conflict. Protect them in the heat of battle. Heal their wounds of war, both inside and out. Bind their families together and strengthen their faith in you. I ask these things in the name of our risen Savior. Amen.


Americans gave more than $358 billion to charities in 2014, an impressive number when you consider our economy. As a nation with stagnant salaries and rising cost of living expenses, $358 billion is quite a hefty sum, a figure that represents an incredible feat of generosity, one that deserves a deeper look.

When you dig into the total by category, you find that religious organizations received the most donations. Religious groups garnered 32 percent of the total.

Generous giving of that magnitude creates a lot of attention in the news. The talking heads on television continue to discuss the story. They don’t know how to interpret the information. They point to foundations, museums, scientific studies, and research hospitals as worthy causes for such giving, but for many reason religious groups seem like an odd place for people to send that level of financial support. They scratch their heads as they try to figure out why people give and sacrifice in this manner.

To me, the answer is quite clear. Churches, charities, missions, and religious organizations are performing the work of Christ.

Religious organizations feed the hungry, clothe the homeless, care for the sick, give comfort to the wounded, share hope with the broken-hearted, and minister to our souls. Significant acts like these will always mean more to people than receiving a tax deduction. It causes us to open our wallets. It enables us to volunteer and assist others in their time of need. It allows us to reflect Christ in a dark world.

As we approach Thanksgiving and Christmas, remember religious organizations, charities, and churches when you give. Armed forces personnel can give through the Combined Federal Campaign with payroll deductions. Odds are there is a charity that could use your assistance. Your financial support, no matter how great or small, allows people to share the redemptive story of Jesus and perform the loving work of our gracious God.

A Majestic Moment

Smoky Mountains

I will always remember my first trip through the Smoky Mountains. The ancient mountains were in rare form that day.  They drew me in and wouldn’t let me go.

Everywhere I looked, I found ridge upon ridge of forest. There were trees of every variety. They were too numerous to count. I could behold marvelous wonders in every direction. With spectacular color, they turned each hill into a brilliant masterpiece.

This November day, the Smoky Mountains were alive. Dogwood, maple, sassafras and birch trees welcomed everyone with their red, orange, and yellow leaves. It was more than beautiful. The trees spilled across the landscape and created a canvas that only God could paint.

I marveled at God’s handiwork. A kaleidoscope of fall colors, worthy to display all year round.

I kept turning around to see it all. I didn’t want to miss an inch of this perfect landscape. I took pictures to remember the sight. I didn’t want to go. I didn’t want to leave. How could anyone leave such a beautiful place?

Creation was providing a reminder to look and see what God has done. This world is no cosmic accident. This is not something that mankind can replicate. There is no way to manufacture something so exquisite.  There is no scientific way to make all this happen in such grand fashion.

Nature was providing a majestic moment. A testament to the greatness, splendor, and majesty of God.

The Old Testament prophet Nehemiah acknowledged that God alone is the creator of the heavens and the earth. He says, “You alone are the LORD. You made the heavens, even the highest heavens, and all the starry host, the earth and all that is on it, the seas and all that is in them. You give life to everything, and the multitudes of heaven worship you.”—Nehemiah 9:6 NIV

Take time to bask in the beauty of autumn. Watch the display. Enjoy the splashes of color that transform the slopes and hills. Stop and revel in the gorgeous demonstration. As the fall foliage presents another reminder of heaven, offer a prayer of thanksgiving to the One, who made it possible. Such beautiful handiwork will draw you close and never let you go.


Precious God, we remember this day with sorrow.  We remember it with heartache, pain, and despair.  Lives lost and visions of destruction linger with us.

Lift up our faces.  Take the tears from our eyes.  Lighten our hearts.  Strengthen and restore us with your power and grace.

Psalm 147:3 declares that you, “heal the brokenhearted and bind up their wounds.”  Be our God. Be a stronghold in time of trial.  Be our redeemer, comforter, and friend.

Let your healing mercy be a salve upon our hearts.  Allow it to rain down from heaven and minister to our hurt and pain.  Sustain us with your peace and grace.

Heavenly Father may we always find our strength in you.

Happy Military Monday

No parking

Perhaps the sign was posted at the military intelligence office.  Have a great military Monday!

Help Prevent Suicide

suicide prevention month

Suicide is a significant problem in the military claiming the lives of 22 veterans each day.

Suicide also takes a tremendous toll on our society.  In 2013, 41,149 suicide deaths were reported in the US.  We could easily read these suicide rates and forget that every number represents not only a life lost, but also a broken family, and a community wounded with pain.  Each death leaves behind a group of hurting people.

There is no “one size fits all” solution to suicide.  People contemplate suicide for many different reasons:  substance abuse, divorce, family separation, financial matters, legal trouble, a major illness, depression, and many other reasons. While the causes vary, we can all show universal concern and support.

Here are some ways to help people at-risk of suicide.

  1. Be present.  Show your concern for people in pain.  Make time for the person who is hurting. Scripture shares that we need to “bear one another’s burdens…” (Galatians 6:2).  Take time to help others through their days of difficulty.
  2. Listen.  Allow that person to say what is causing the pain.  Share the gift of silent listening and then you can guide your friend with wise counsel.
  3. Do something.  The Bible encourages us to be, “doers of the word, not hearers only…” (James 1:22).  Too often, people at-risk are so overwhelmed with depression, stress, or anguish that they don’t know where to turn next, give that person guidance.  Share resources that can help.  Take them to a doctor, pastor, or counselor.  Call the VA hospital.  Find a way to connect the person with assistance.  Take action.

September is Suicide Prevention Month.  Take time to talk with a friend who is down.  Share the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:  1-800-273-8255.  It is a 24/7 resource with trained professionals ready to help people find encouragement and hope.

Make a difference by addressing the problem of suicide.  Demonstrate compassion and concern for those who are hurting.  Be available to friends in need and take time to listen.  The time you invest could save a life.


teen dating

We date to find the right person, that special someone worthy of our affection. We search for that special person deserving of our eternal love.

Proverbs 31:10 asks the question, “Who can find a virtuous woman? Her price is far above rubies.” This is the reminder that we all need when it comes to dating.

Too often people rush into a relationship. They settle for something less than the perfect person of their dreams. They witness unhealthy habits, behaviors, and patterns, but turn a blind eye to these traits. They become attached and involved too quickly and overlook the problem areas that should immediately steer them in a different direction.

It is critical that singles and those who are single again be well-prepared for marriage. If they are not, folks will fall into the trap of marrying a person thinking that they knew them, but in reality they only knew about them.

Take the necessary time to truly find out who it is that you are dating. It might take three to six months or longer, but just like looking through a microscope on its lowest setting, you can only see so much. Dating someone for an extended period allows you to see certain things that may not become evident right away. When you have dated someone for a year you begin to have history with that person. Many couples get through their first year just fine, but in the second year issues often begin to surface that weren’t evident earlier.

We date for a reason. It is okay to wait and search for the right person. It is okay for a relationship to end if there are warning signs. Don’t settle for someone who does not treat you right. You deserve someone you can trust. You deserve someone who will remain committed to you. Set high standards and hold onto your standards. They can help you find the right person who will stay with you for the rest of your life.


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